Below are some of the frequently asked questions about ZipStored.

We are a company that provides storage and delivery without the complexity. Just as you stick a stamp and mail , and the postal service handles the storage, transport and delivery, we have the Storage Stamp, which handles the end to end storage, transport, delivery of your physical goods, such as inventory, personal items, manufactured goods, etc. You no longer have to deal with warehousing, shipping, courier, freight forwarding, etc.

With a Storage Stamp, your storage is included for the period depending on the type of stamp you have purchased. You can pay a subscription and extend the storage period for a longer time beyond your storage expiry

We pickup your Stamped Boxes for FREE. If you do want regular deliveries thereafter , you will pay a delivery fee based on a fixed price and distance to where its being delivered.

With ZipStored , we take care of the storage and delivery. You only Pack and Stamp the Box . Once we pickup the box we manage the storage and deliveries keeping you away from the complexity of warehouses, leases, shipping etc

We take care of everything from pick-up to destination without the need for complex negotiations with collection, storage and delivery companies for an inclusive fee that is far cheaper.
We have a nationwide network of mini=warehouses and dedicated pace in larger facilities. This means your goods will always be stored close to your preferred location. We have also associated with over ONE MILLION hauliers to ensure collection and delivery will always be within the agreed time slot.
Our Storage Stamps are for up to three or six months; however, you can extend the length you require by simply contacting us.
No problem at all, no matter how big or small your requirements Zipstored has the easiest most cost-effective solution.